Pressure Washing Frequently Asked Questions

What cleaning process do you use?

Depending on what type of surface we are cleaning.

  • Brick, stone or concrete we apply one of our chemical solvents and then power wash the dirt off.

  • Wood, siding, or stucco?  We use our chemical soft wash method. 

Can you show me before and after pictures? 

Yes we have our Before and After PhotosInstagram. Then they get back to us after you check our amaizing work out.


Is there a difference between power washing and pressure washing?

Yes there is.

Power Washing is when you use the help of heat or chemicals to clean off and remove stains.


Pressuer Washing is when you used really high pressure like 2500-7000 pis to remove stains.

The decision to use one or the other is not always so clear. Our years of experience helps us to make the most accurate call as to which process to use on the hard to get stains.


What Cleaning Process do you use?

We use a proprietary blend of industrial grade surfactants, Sodium  Hypochlorite (bleach). We mix it in different strengths depending on what we need for the job. Our experienced mixture levels ensures our customers request are satisfied with our washing.


Can the chemicals hurt my landscaping and grass? 

When we wash a house, we will make sure all of the surrounding area is nice and wet before we begin. Yes they can hurt you landscaping and vegetation when the surrounded area is not properly prepped for the job. One of our technicians will always walk around and keep feeding the ground and landscaping water so that the plans do not soak up the chemicals. During roof cleaning we tarp the entire surrounding area because of the strength of the chemical. Therefore we do not allow the chemicals to touch your plants or grass.


How often can i get my concrete pressrue washed?

You can get it pressure washed as much as you like. Some people do it once every six months and some people do it once a year or every 3 years. Just depends on how much they care about their curb appeal. Certain HOA’s make you keep it clean just like they make you keep your yard cut.


Do you offer regular Cleaning interval packages?

If you purchase a house wash and driveway package, we will go back within the one year mark and touch up any spots that might get dirty again.


Is there a difference between cold and hot water pressure washing?

Yes there is cold water which most people use and is great for most common pressure washing applications. And then there is a Hot water pressure washer which has a burner and heats up the water and help clean harder to remove stains like oil and graffiti.

Can we remove graffiti?

We successfully remove the graffiti from any brick and concrete surface with sufficient heat and pressure.


What kind of Damage can occure from lack of regular cleaning?

Some stains can become permimently damaging by penetrating into the concrete and never come off again. As for your roof, the dark  black streaks can actually damage your shingles from doing their job of reflecting sunlight properly. And instead absorb the heat making it harder for your A/C while running it more often and raising your electric bill. Same scenarios goes for your siding with certain stains. If not cleaned on a regular basis it can become stained and not only look bad but effect the resale value of your home.


Do I have to be home the day you service my house? 

No you do not. We will email you the day before and call the day of, to inform you we will be going over to perform the service.


Why can’t I get an estimate over the phone or internet? 

Every job is different, because all house and driveways and store fronts have different measurements and amount of mold and grime. That’s why it’s so hard to get a quote by just calling someone. What we can do in order to get you a quote over the phone is for you to send us 4 pictures of what you want cleaned. One picture from each side and we can give you an over the phone or internet quote that way.


Can we come out and Perform amazing acrobatic moves with our power washing?

 We do some amazing stuff but try to stay away from things like this